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Marković’s attitude concerning the development of brass band music is consistent with the history of the style. Rooted in early transpositions of popular folk tunes, Gypsy brass band music began with the introduction of the trumpet to Serbia in 1804, during the Karageorge uprising. Used as a tool for communication amongst Turkish soldiers, the trumpet was eventually picked up by Gypsies, who incorporated their own intricate rhythmic sensibilities into the style, bringing the music closer to the ecstatic, danceable form that is heard today.

Boban Marković has achieved everything it is possible to achieve with a band in this corner of the world: hundreds of thousands of records sold, hundreds of club dates and festival appearances, tens of thousands of fans following the band’s music wherever it plays on our continent. For this year’s big New Year’s Concert in Budapest, we can promise nothing but uninhibited and free, improvisational music-making, where Balkan and other European musical traditions mix together in the music of the Boban Marković Orkestar. Hungary remains the band’s favourite destination: it is here that Boban has given many of his most wonderful concerts, where the band has played most often, and where its concerts are greeted with the greatest “hype”. Come and be a part of the joyful jam celebration of perhaps Europe’s most popular brass band! Let’s all revel in a joyous start to the New Year!

Boban Marković Orkestar - Boban I MarkoBoban Marković Orkestar - Boban I MarkoBoban Marković Orkestar - Boban I MarkoBoban Marković Orkestar - Boban I Marko